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The Scoop on Nan

In 1977, Nan King Parker—an advertising executive in Boston—was living in Marblehead, Massachusetts in a signature antique house. "The Captain Trevitt House" built in 1712, was one of the most impressive dwellings in Marblehead. And so... with the purchase of that house, began Nan's never-ending "thrill of the hunt"—searching for that perfect thing. Always a lover of "stuff" and beautiful objects of any kind, Nan is a collector whose eye is beguiled more by charm than provenance or period. Charm is more important than perfection. Nan buys and collects what she likes to look at, filling her shop with treasures from anywhere and everywhere. She draws inspiration from just about everything! Nan loves the Chinese influence—the detail and intricacy are magical and exciting. Nan is a practical dreamer—"I love a touch of eccentricity in design and tend to dislike obvious design solutions and predictable color combinations—a bit of the unexpected charms."

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